Linda Erickson

Linda and her family moved to Lethbridge about 5 years ago. Prior to that they lived in the Village of Coutts, close to the ranch that has been in the Erickson family for over 100 years.

While in Coutts, Linda served as deputy mayor and was the library board chair for 8 years. It was at that time, Linda learned the valuable role that libraries play in the wellbeing of a community and embraced the concept of life long learning. "A library is more than a place where books are stored - it is a place where ideas are sparked and nurtured".

A television producer by trade, Linda changed careers after the birth of their child in 1991 and became the economic development officer for the County of Warner. In 2005, she made the move to the provincial government and is currently working as the Lethbridge regional manager with the Economic Development Services Branch in the Ministry of Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education.

Linda is looking forward to serving the people of Lethbridge as a new member on the Public Library Board and is pleased to be working with such a committed group of individuals.

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Ross Djuve

Retired from the Federal Public Service, Ross has a desire to continue public service on a volunteer basis.

Ross has both a Business Administration Diploma from Mount Royal College and a Certificate in Adult Learning from the University of Calgary, and brings to the board extensive experience in financial analysis and workplace learning. His desire is to use this education and experience to give back to the community.

Since he was a child Ross has always been a library user, and wants to be part of ensuring future generations have an opportunity to use a library. As an advocate of lifelong learning, the movement of the Lethbridge Public Library into the digital age is a new direction that Ross wants to embrace.

Ross is married to Brenda, and quality time in the back yard is their priority, as well as walks with their dog. Ross is also a regular swimmer and cyclist.

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Allan Quinton

Allan was born and raised in Southern Alberta. After graduating high school Allan took a position with an Alberta based bank and worked for them for 34 years. During that time, due to promotions and transfers he and his family have lived in many different communities in the province. Moving back to Lethbridge for the second time in 2008 they decided that this was the city they wanted to retire in and Allan did that back in 2013. Although he is still involved in the family ranch and raises purebred Charolais cattle.

Allan and his wife Sheri have 4 adult children, 3 daughters and one son and currently 8 grandchildren.

Allan has served as a board member on 3 different community library boards and appreciates this opportunity to support the Lethbridge Public Library and promote all the programs they offer.

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Brendan Cummins

Brendan was born in Lethbridge and grew up in small towns throughout central and southern Alberta. After spending many years away, he returned for good after meeting his wife Jeanie. He worked at Lethbridge Iron Works for close to six years while attending the University of Lethbridge and after graduating with an Honours B.A. in history, Brendan is now working on a Master’s degree at the U of L examining church and state in nineteenth-century America.

Brendan is a believer in life-long learning, the power of education, and the beauty of the written word. He joined the Board because he understands the importance of a strong, vibrant, relevant, and accessible public library to the community. He is looking forward to building on the work done by previous Boards to continue advancing Lethbridge Public Library into the future.

In his spare time Brendan is a lover of almost all things geek, especially as a collector and consumer of comic books. He spends time with Jeanie and his two basset hounds Wilson and Charlotte just simply enjoying all that life has to offer.

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Derrick Antson

  Derrick was born in Devon, Alberta and moved to Lethbridge to pursue a degree in Philosophy. His studies then took him to Switzerland to obtain a graduate degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation. Though, ultimately, his love of Lethbridge, its people, and even its wind, brought him back to the city.

  A strong proponent of volunteerism, Derrick is active in a variety of organizations within the Lethbridge community, ranging from humanitarian/disaster services to LGBTQ+ interests and to labour relations. Since his resettlement in Lethbridge he has been employed in the realm of Labour Relations, working for the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association.

  When he is not working, Derrick fills his time reading, running with his two Beagles, and enjoying the many activities Lethbridge has to offer with his husband, Nick.

  Derrick is excited to be joining the board and to be given the opportunity to offer his voice to the discussion on the Board while serving the people of Lethbridge.

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Luke Bendkowski

Luke grew up in Lethbridge and has lived here all of his life. His interest in the public library came at a young age, going there primarily for the toys you could rent, and a book to go with them. During his undergraduate, Luke went to the public library for many hours of study and research; the library was an invaluable asset towards completing his degree in philosophy from the University of Lethbridge. Since then Luke has written the Law School Admissions Test and hopes to one day go to law school and become a lawyer.

Luke hopes to bring his detail-oriented and analytic mind to help further foster the growth and development of the Lethbridge Public Library. He brings to the Board a strong background in philosophy and argumentation, as well as a keen interest in policy.

When he does not have his nose in between the spine of a book, Luke is usually going for walk-and-sniffs with his pug/dachshund Megatron, though she does most of the sniffing. Luke also volunteers with Youth Advisory Council for the City of Lethbridge as well as with the Lethbridge Combative Sports Commission.

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Wendy Kalkan

Wendy is glad to call Lethbridge home after having worked with various municipal governments in Southern and Central Alberta over the past 17 years. Prior to that she worked in the fields of health promotion, prevention and intervention with Chinook Regional Health; and curriculum development and educational transformation with urban and rural First Nations and Indigenous communities throughout North America.

Upon graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Wendy embarked on a career devoted to human and community development that over the years encompassed land use planning and development, community economic development, legislative affairs, injury prevention, seniors health and even business management of a MLB Pioneer League club.

Her volunteerism and public service includes serving on the boards of Lethbridge Family Services, Lethbridge Lifelong Learning Association and The Good Samaritan Society; as a broadcaster with AMI/VoicePrint Canada; and as a commissioner with the Alberta Multiculturalism and Human Rights Commission, and DOW Canada.

As a lifelong library card holder, Wendy is a voracious user and an avid proponent of all the services, resources and opportunities a library provides and does towards building our human and community capacities.

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