Carol Koran

Carol is originally from Camrose, Alberta, but moved to Lethbridge in 1980 to accept her first teaching position with Holy Spirit Catholic Schools. She met her husband here, and remained in Lethbridge and in the school system for the next 37 years as a teacher, associate principal and principal for Catholic Central High School. Carol also worked with the Alberta Teachers’ Association on the Strategic Planning Committee and as a Communications Consultant and Professional Development Instructor. After retiring from the school division in 2017, Carol and her husband moved to Tokyo, Japan for 3 years, where she served as Director of Learning for Nishimachi International School. After 3 years in Tokyo, they returned to Lethbridge in the summer of 2020. Carol currently works on a part time basis with the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Education and Lethbridge College, instructing and supervising student teachers and education assistants. Carol is also a teacher trainer and Quality Assurance Coordinator with Maple Bear Global Schools. She appreciates the relative freedom of being employed on a part time, contract basis as she can now spend more time with her daughters in Vancouver and Calgary. As an English Language Arts teacher and an avid reader, Carol is excited at the opportunity to join the Board and to contribute to her community in a new way.

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Allan Quinton

Allan was born and raised in Southern Alberta. After graduating high school Allan took a position with an Alberta based bank and worked for them for 34 years. During that time, due to promotions and transfers he and his family have lived in many different communities in the province. Moving back to Lethbridge for the second time in 2008 they decided that this was the city they wanted to retire in and Allan did that back in 2013. Although he is still involved in the family ranch and raises purebred Charolais cattle.

Allan and his wife Sheri have 4 adult children, 3 daughters and one son and currently 8 grandchildren.

Allan has served as a board member on 3 different community library boards and appreciates this opportunity to support the Lethbridge Public Library and promote all the programs they offer.

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Wendy Kalkan

Wendy is glad to call Lethbridge home after having worked with various municipal governments in Southern and Central Alberta over the past 17 years. Prior to that she worked in the fields of health promotion, prevention and intervention with Chinook Regional Health; and curriculum development and educational transformation with urban and rural First Nations and Indigenous communities throughout North America. Upon graduating from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Wendy embarked on a career devoted to human and community development that over the years encompassed land use planning and development, community economic development, legislative affairs, injury prevention, seniors health and even business management of a MLB Pioneer League club. Her volunteerism and public service includes serving on the boards of Lethbridge Family Services, Lethbridge Lifelong Learning Association and The Good Samaritan Society; as a broadcaster with AMI/VoicePrint Canada; and as a commissioner with the Alberta Multiculturalism and Human Rights Commission, and DOW Canada. As a lifelong library card holder, Wendy is a voracious user and an avid proponent of all the services, resources and opportunities a library provides and does towards building our human and community capacities.

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James Chymboryk

James was born and raised in Southern Alberta. After graduating from Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, B.C) with a degree in Criminology, he returned to Lethbridge and started his career with Alberta Community Corrections as a Probation Officer and has worked for them for 36 years. During that time, due to transfers, he has lived in different communities in southern Alberta. Moving back to Lethbridge in 2004.

James and his wife have 2 adult children and currently 2 grandchildren.

James had previously served as a board member on 2 different community library boards and appreciates this opportunity to support the Lethbridge Public Library and promote all the programs they offer.

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Craig Brown

Craig recently retired after more than 35 years of experience leading organizations primarily in the not-for-profit sector, including serving as President of a regional college; CEO of the Cayman Health System; helping the University of Calgary set up a nursing campus in the Middle East; to Vice President at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. He has extensive experience with Board governance, having served on a multitude of Boards and has worked extensively under Boards his whole career. Craig and his wife Gloria returned to Lethbridge to be near their son and his family. They had lived here previously when Craig was CEO of the local Children’s Authority and came to love the City and appreciate all that it offers. During his previous time in Lethbridge Craig served as Vice-Chair of the Library Board and is pleased to be able to contribute again.

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Sean Hubbell

Sean was born and raised in Southern Alberta. Sean has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Management (Accounting) degree from the University of Lethbridge. Sean is in the final stages of completing his CPA designation. Over the past 15 years, Sean has worked in various analytic and leadership roles across the country. In his current role as a public accountant with Volution LLP, he dedicates himself to serving Lethbridge organizations and individuals. Sean has always had a passion for continuous learning and the important role played by libraries in our communities. During his academic studies, Sean independently researched in various university libraries, especially the stacks of the Rutherford Library archives at the University of Alberta. Now that he has a bit more time, Sean looks forward to serving the Lethbridge Public Library Board and the community.

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Jennifer Gullage-Payne

Jennifer was born and raised in Newfoundland and moved to Alberta in 2002. After a few years in Northern Alberta, Jennifer moved to Taber in 2005, and to Lethbridge in 2015.
A lifelong lover of books and a voracious reader, she worked at the Memorial University Library during her studies and beyond. Jennifer has a degree in English Literature and Religious Studies from Memorial University, and a Project Management designation from Mount Royal University.
Jennifer has worked in many different fields, searching for the right career path. She found that path in 2002 while working at Safe Haven Woman’s Shelter in Taber. Non-profit work just made sense! In 2003 she became the youngest Women’s Shelter director in Alberta and has continued in the non-profit world as Coordinator of the Lethbridge Elder Abuse Response Network and currently as Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club of Lethbridge since 2015.
In her personal life, Jennifer is married, a proud dog mom to a 12-year-old basset hound and a 15 year old Bichon – Shih-tzu, and step-mother to two wonderful daughters. She and her husband are foster parents, and have an open door policy for children, biologically related or other – everyone is invited for supper!

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Angela Viola

  Angela was born and raised in Calgary and moved to Lethbridge in the Fall of 1999 to complete her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education programs. After completing her undergraduate education, she taught in and around Lethbridge until the birth of her second son. Angela has worked at Lethbridge College in curriculum and instructional design and; currently, teaches high school online. She holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and hopes to continue to contribute to quality online education in Alberta.

  Growing up in Calgary, the Bookmobile is one of her fondest childhood memories. Angela and her two boys enjoyed the Lethbridge Public Library programming and services as a young family. They are all avid readers and still enjoy the library together. They also enjoy many outdoor pursuits including camping, downhill skiing and hiking.

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Heather Woodruff

I was raised in Picture Butte Alberta. I was a regular at the public and school libraries there and developed a love of reading at an early age. After high school graduation I made the move to Lethbridge to pursue an Early childhood Education degree at the Lethbridge College. After working in childcare for several years I made a career move to the retail sector. In this sector I developed a love of working with people and the satisfaction of cash balancing. In 2015 I moved to Edmonton to attend Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. In 2017 I returned to Lethbridge to attend the University to pursue a Bachelor of Management in Accounting.

Libraries are important to all of us regardless of what stage of life we are in. They provide a critical link to the community and give the citizens of Lethbridge a place to meet and share new ideas and resources. I look forward to helping the board as they continue to create an environment where new ideas and a passion for learning can thrive.

In my personal life I have 8 nieces and nephews and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I still enjoy reading and escaping into books whenever I get the chance. I also like visiting libraries in other places because you always get a feeling of coming home, even if you have never been there before.

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Mike Maguire

Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m very happy to be on the Lethbridge Public Library Board. I’ve always thought that libraries were one of the most important pillars of any community, and my hometown one was integral to my desire to always be learning and use big words on occasion.

I was born and raised in Bassano, Alberta being the younger sibling to a big sister. Three times a week the library would be open and during those times we’d either get read a story or we’d find out if the new Where’s Waldo was out or not. (Graeme Base’s books were cooler, I thought). But it was always social and fun to go there.

The knowledge I gained from a childhood of reading and point-and-click adventure games helped me understand the quixotic art-speak I encountered while getting a Fine Arts Degree (Art Studio) at the U of L in 2009. I still try and drop references to Guy Debord to this day.

For the last six-plus years, I have been the owner of a local company called Paradigm Home Health Services; a business which provides companion care services to the senior population.

With my great group of friends I enjoy trivia, live music at The Owl or The Slice, talk endlessly about hockey and quaff wonderful Albertan craft beer.

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