Board Information

Board Information

The City of Lethbridge Library Board is established in accordance with the Alberta Libraries Act and Regulations. Board trustees are appointed by Lethbridge City Council for a three year term, and may be reappointed for two additional consecutive terms of office.

The City of Lethbridge Library Board operates under a policy governance model, and is responsible for developing a Plan of Service, approving Board policies, preparing budgets, and employing the Chief Executive Office who manages the Library in accordance with the strategies, policies and agreements established together with the Board. 

Acting as one team with clearly defined roles, the Board, together with Library entire staff, ensures that the community of Lethbridge enjoys the best library services possible.  

The City of Lethbridge Library Board relies on committed volunteers who willingly contribute both their time and their talents to support and advocate for library services. They also represent the community so that the Lethbridge Public Library is truly connected to the communities it serves.  Trustees are traditionally appointed in January of each year.  To view a listing of available board vacancies or apply to be a board member click HERE.

Board meeting dates:
September 11, 2019 in the Friends Place, The Crossings Branch
October 9, 2019 in the Community Meeting Room, Main Branch
November 13, 2019 in the Community Meeting Room, Main Branch
December 11, 2019 location to be determined

Board Minutes