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~*So Dark the Con of Man*~

One of my favourite things about reading is that it takes you away to a place you have never been. You are presented with such imagery that allows for you to enter the world that the author has created. On the flip side it is equally satisfying to be reading about a place that you have already been. To let the author take you back to a place of your travels, where you know what you are about to see but can now appreciate it in a whole new beauty as it is described to you. You let the words flow over you as you see the place from your memory as clear as day!

Welcome to“Red” Any Good Books Lately!

Hello! And welcome to “Red” Any Good Books Lately!  This is my first ever blog post and I am so excited you are taking the time to enjoy my ramblings on the many books that I have read! Some of them were Hidden Gems and others were just “rocks”, if you catch my meaning! I am hoping that through this blog you are able to find your own Hidden Gems from the books I have read! Now, first things first, an introduction to who I am and what type of reading I do!

~*Both Love and Hate are Mirror Versions of the Same Game*~

Everyone has their favourite book! It is the one book you pick up in times of need, the one book that will allow you to escape from the problems you are having. You become totally engrossed in the world and story that brings you a type of inner peace that only a book can bring you. It is usually your go to book for recommending to others and you love the story so much that you read it at least once a year. There is just something about this book that you connect with on a deeper level and it speaks to your soul in a way that no other book can.

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