~*Both Love and Hate are Mirror Versions of the Same Game*~

Everyone has their favourite book! It is the one book you pick up in times of need, the one book that will allow you to escape from the problems you are having. You become totally engrossed in the world and story that brings you a type of inner peace that only a book can bring you. It is usually your go to book for recommending to others and you love the story so much that you read it at least once a year. There is just something about this book that you connect with on a deeper level and it speaks to your soul in a way that no other book can.
 I find myself falling in love with so many different books, characters and worlds that I sometimes find that there is no way that I could pick just one book to call my favourite. To be honest with you, when push comes to shove you will find that you are able to answer that question. That moment for me was my interview for this job! One of the questions that was asked of me was what was my favourite book and how would you recommend it to someone else. Without a second of hesitation, I was able to pick one book out of the hundreds that I have read to answer the question with 100% confidence. The Hating Game by Sally Throne rolled off my tongue so easily that it surprised me but honestly, it shouldn’t have. For the past 3 years in a row I have picked up this book once a year and reconnected with wonderful story that is The Hating Game, which is why it seems so fitting to be the first book that I review for my blog.

I love this book for so many reasons but I think the biggest one is I find myself connecting with the main character, Lucy Hutton, on so many different levels. She is just so quirky, witty and has such a confidence about herself that grows into the workplace! I appreciate how comfortable she is in being herself and not faking it for anyone, as well as the self-assurance she exerts especially when she wears her red lipstick. If that isn’t goals, I don’t know what else is! Also, her one-liners are just so well delivered that sometimes they catch you off guard. I really love her narration of the entire story; her point of view is so enjoyable to read. I feel all women can find something in her characters to connect with, or they can connect with one of her situations. Sally Hutton has created such a real character to full in love with.  Everyone has experienced something that Lucy has been through which is why she is so likeable!
Although my second highlight of this book is the interaction and relationship between Joshua Templeman and Lucy. It is the classic haters to lovers trope with a slow burn, and witty banter filled with sexual tension! In case you are wondering, a trope is an often-overused plot device and I am sucker for all romantic ones. It isn’t just casual hating to begin with, it full on loathing, with threats going to HR and playing games, in which “the ultimate goal is to make the other smile or cry.” The slow burn in this book is so real and the sexual tension that is implied makes you just want to scream at the two of them to give into their passionate love-hate! Their slowing building relationship has had me flailing more times than I can count. I can honestly say that each time I read the book I flail so much that I end up throwing my phone or Kobo away from me on the couch. I have to take a hiatus from the wonderful book that is The Hating Game! It always sucks you back in, my hiatus never lasts long, as my need to know what happens to the two of them is always stronger. There is also a couple more of my favourite tropes in this novel: trapped in an elevator, fake relationship and there is only one room left in the hotel to name a few! So many warm fuzzies!!

The lovely thing about this book is that it is so easy to be immersed into the story. I found myself getting so involved in the story that it was hard to tear my eyes away from the pages. It was so easy to read that it only took a couple hours to finish the entire book. It is also really good as an audiobook if you need something for on the go in a busy life style.  Just be warned that when you are listening to the book in public you will find yourself blushing far more often than not. Trust me I would know!

With all my gushing, it should be no surprise that I am rating this book a 5 star! My only compliant of the book, is the fact that I want so much more of their story! But I am just being  greedy as it is a well-rounded story without any loose ends. That is the problem with a well-written story, the author creates such a world that you do not want to leave it. But I always know I am going to be returning to it!   
I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed my first review on “Red” Any Good Books Lately!” The Hating Game eBook and audiobook can be found on Hoopla!  I hope if you do decide to read the book that you find as much as enjoyment in it as I did! Please let me know if you read it or have already read it, I would love to hear your opinion!

Until Next Time Fellow Readers

Book Reveiwed:
Title:  The Hating Game 
Author: Sally Throne
Rating: 5 stars *****
Online?: Ebook and Audiobook on Hoopla