Caroline's First Picks

This year the Lethbridge Public Library is celebrating 100 years of serving the great city of Lethbridge. While the library is hosting some truly great events this year, my co-worker Jonathan Jarvie and myself thought, as Adult Services Librarians, that we could offer our own contribution to the celebrations.

We decided that since we receive so many requests for book and author recommendations, we would challenge ourselves to read 100 titles in 2019. So over the following months we will be sharing with you some of our favorite titles of books we’ve read, so that you have check them out yourself.

Last week you would have read Jonathan’s titles, so here are a few titles that I have been enjoying so far this year.

The Gown – Jennifer Robinson. Set in 1947 post war Britain, The Gown is a fictionalized tale of how a young woman in 2016 Toronto discovered her grandmothers intriguing tale of working on Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown at the famed Mayfair fashion house, Norman Hartnell.

The Dark between Stars – Atticus. Poet Atticus is famous around the world for his beautiful Instagram images and celebrity followers. In this, his second collection of poetry, he continues to inspire readers on all that love and life have to offer.

Faking It: The lies women tell about sex – and the truths they reveal – Lux Alptraum. This book confronts how women must navigate a society that often does not accept their truth. She writes that women often lie about things “because the world expects us to live up to an impossible standard.”

The only women in the room – Marie Benedict. This fictionalized account of film star Hedy Lamarr’s life highlights not only her movie star life, but also recognizes her amazing contributions to science that have only recently been uncovered.

No one tells you this – Glynnis MacNicol. On the eve of turning 40, Glynnis should be out celebrating her birthday. Instead, those in her life constantly remind her that she is neither married, or has any children, which they deem real success to be. So in her 40th year she embarks on a journey of self discover to prove to others and herself what real success truly means.

We invite you to visit that library’s social media pages and suggest books that you would like Jonathan or myself to read. We look forward to sharing our journey through the library stacks.