Caroline's Mid-May Picks!

Over the past couple of months we’ve made our first two rounds of recommendations through this column, and if you’re all caught up on those, here are a few more titles that I have been enjoying so far this year.

When We Left Cuba–Chanel Cleeton. Set in 1960s Florida, a young Cuban woman is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate Fidel Castso’s inner circle.

The Pianist from Syria–Aeham Ahmad. A memoir detailing the amazing escape of a classically trained pianist from war-torn Syria to Germany. This novel offers a gripping look at one man’s search for peace after the horrors he has witnessed.

The Woman in the Lake–Nicola Cornick. This mystery is set across two different times, with a beautiful golden gown at the centre of this thrilling tale. As the novel moves from 1765 to 2004 it is clear that the gown posses some kind of power, for those who wear it to figure out.

The Farm–Joanne Ramos. For nine months, you can live at a beautiful resort, with organic meals and every amenity you could ask for, the catch, you cannot leave until you birth a healthy baby for a wealthy client.

The Mother-in-Law–Sally Hepworth. Lucy realized early on that her mother-in-law Diana did not like her. Now, five years later, Diana has apparently committed suicide, leaving a note saying that she just could not live with her cancer. Problem is she never had cancer, so why did Diana die, or who could have killed her?

We invite you to visit the Library’s social media pages and suggest books that you would like Jonathan or myself to read. We look forward to sharing our journey through the Library stacks.