Five New Picks from Jonathan

Our challenge to read 100 books for 100 years is now in full swing. It seems like it was yesterday that I started the challenge, but I am already over a quarter of the way to achieving my goal, having read 25 books. For those following along with the books that I have read, many of the titles are available as part of the Top Reads collection at the Library, and can be borrowed from any of our branches.

These are my latest reads:

The Next Person You Meet in Heaven–Mitch Albom. This is the sequel to Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven. It’s a quick read, but extremely touching. The story, like its predecessor, shows how our lives are interconnected and how we can make an impact on another person without knowing.

Codename Villanelle–Luke Jennings. Fans of the hit television show Killing Eve will love this novel and story the show is based upon. While there are some differences between the show and novel, anyone who loves a good thriller will enjoy this title. It follows the professional assassin, Villanelle, as she is hunted by MI6 operative Eve Polastri.

Hazards of Time Travel–Joyce Carol Oates. In this science fiction title, Oates takes us to a future where every aspect of life is tightly controlled by the government. Those that speak out are sentenced to be sent back in time to undergo “rehabilitation.”

An Ocean of Minutes–Thea Lim. Another novel dealing with time travel. In this case, America is caught in a deadly flu epidemic, and time travel is used to escape the deadly virus. Polly travels into the future to work as a bonded labourer in order to gain treatment for her boyfriend Frank. The novel questions whether it’s possible for love to transcend both time and space.

The Great Believers–Rebecca Makkai. This is my favourite read of the year so far. Set in 1980s Chicago and contemporary Paris, it follows the AIDS crisis and the impact it has had on those it affected. It is a story of friendship and redemption, sure to touch everyone. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone.

Feel free to reach out to us on social media, and make suggestions for the next book you think I should check out.