Jonathan's Next Picks

This year is going by so fast. Spring has sprung and we are already a quarter of the way through Lethbridge Public Library’s celebration of 100 years of service in our community. Recently, I find myself torn between enjoying the beautiful weather we, or hunkering down to try to keep pace with the challenge I have set for myself this year: to read 100 books. One book for each year of our Library. Although it has been tough, I have not managed to fall too far behind.

Here are the latest books that I have read this year:

You Are Here–Chris Hadfield. The lone non-fiction title that I have picked up so far this year; this book is composed of pictures that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield took from the International Space Station. A running commentary accompanies the pictures, but the amazing images are truly the best part of this book.

Hope Never Dies–Andrew Shaffer. This is billed as the first Obama-Biden mystery. Former President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden team up after having left the White House to solve the mystery surrounding the death of “Amtrak Joe’s” favourite train conductor. This one can’t be taken too seriously, but it was a fun read.

A Case of Bier–Mary Daheim. Another murder mystery, this novel takes place in Banff, Alberta. This is the 31st installment of Daheim’s “Bed-And-Breakfast” murder series. Having not read any of the previous books in the series, it was not difficult to get into this story. Anyone familiar with Banff will be able to pick out some familiar locations as they are mentioned.

The Iron Codex–David Mack. A science fiction-fantasy hybrid, this book is the sequel to Mack’s Midnight Front. The series offers how magic, featuring spells and demons, has factored into world events over the years, including WWII and now the Cold War.

Pandemic–Robin Cook. The master of the medical thriller returns with a new novel. Cook revisits a familiar character in Jack Stapleton, a New York City medical examiner. In this new novel, the cutting-edge science of gene-modification is featured, and is enough to give anyone chills.

Check out the Library’s social media accounts where the books I am reading are going to be going head to head against my co-worker Caroline’s picks, and you get to choose the winner! I look forward to hearing what you think of my choices.