Jonathan's Top Picks for 2019

We are about to close the books on 2019, and a year of centennial celebrations at Lethbridge Public Library. As part of our celebrations I decided, as one of the library’s adult services librarians, to commit to reading 100 books—one for each year the library has been in operation. I’ll admit the task seemed daunting at first. In setting my task I decided to give myself a rule: everything I read had to have a minimum of 100 pages (which also tied nicely into the hundred theme of the challenge). I’m happy to report that I have completed my challenge and with a couple of weeks to spare! Today I’m going to share the top five books that I read this year.

Watch Me Disappear—Janelle Brown. A mother vanishes while on a hike and is presumed dead, leaving behind her husband and daughter. Olive is lost in despair and begins seeing visions of her mother, leading Olive to believe she may still be alive.

The Extraordinary Life of Sam Hell—Robert Dugoni. This book captures the experience of someone who has grown up being judged for being “different.” It follows the life of Sam Hill, referred to as Sam ‘Hell’ by his classmates, and explores how bullying can affect someone’s entire life.

Things My Son Needs to Know about the World – Fredrik Backman. A collection of short anecdotes on how to live your life and what is truly important in today’s busy world. This one has both heart-touching moments and instances of hilarity.

Wanderers—Chuck Wendig. A growing group of sleepwalkers is making their way across an America that is gripped in terror and violence. The world’s last hope may be some of the shepherds of this strange flock: a decadent rock star; a deeply religious radio host; a disgraced scientist; and a teenager.

After the Flood—Kassandra Montag. A post-apocalyptic world where nearly the entire world has been submerged in a flood. Myra and her precocious seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, are on a search to find the missing member of their family, Row, who was kidnapped before the world was drowned.

Make sure to check out the library’s social media pages where you can find a list of all the books I’ve read this year. I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey through the library stacks this past year and have found some books to enjoy.