Welcome to“Red” Any Good Books Lately!

Hello! And welcome to “Red” Any Good Books Lately!  This is my first ever blog post and I am so excited you are taking the time to enjoy my ramblings on the many books that I have read! Some of them were Hidden Gems and others were just “rocks”, if you catch my meaning! I am hoping that through this blog you are able to find your own Hidden Gems from the books I have read! Now, first things first, an introduction to who I am and what type of reading I do! And I will give you a brief overview of what this blog is all going to look like! 

So, let’s begin! Hi, my name is Jordan MacKinnon and I love reading! I have the perfect job at The Crossings Branch as a Customer Service and Circulation Assistant.  It is the perfect balance between interacting with people and dealing with my favourite things.......BOOKS!!! It is truly the perfect fit for me!

Even before I worked at the library, I was a huge reader, but with being surrounded by books all day has truly increased the amount of material I have been reading. My current goal for the year is to read 200 book and I am almost half way, with 72 books finished. I like reading just about any genre although my favourites are YA anything, Romance and Mystery. Nevertheless, I will not just be reviewing from those genres; I will have a wide range of books for hopefully everyone.

In my reviews, I will not be spoiling the big plot points or twists or the ending, everyone is entitled to finding out on their own. Besides that is what makes it enticing to read. For all those who know me, know that I am the worst for spoilers and tend to seek them out. Sometimes I even flip to the end of a mystery book to see who has done it because I am that impatient.  I mean thank goodness there is no new season of Game of Thrones for me to accidentally spoil for everyone! But I am truly not going to ruin the book for you because where is the fun in that?

I am also going to be rating my books, and it is super handy to do so with the built-in rating scale from Biblocommons! And the awesome thing is that anyone can rate a book, you can all go ahead and rate your books too! But in case you didn’t know, what the scale was: Here it is!!

5 stars***** Outstanding
4.5 stars****Great
4 stars**** Very Good
3.5 stars*** Good
3 stars*** Above Average
2.5 stars** Average
2 stars ** Ok
1.5 stars *Not Bad
1 stars * Poor
0.5 stars Awful

The reason I am so excited to use this scale is the fact that it allows you to use half stars, which I think is fabulous! Because some books really do deserve to be 5 stars while others should sit at 4.5 stars as they are just missing that little bit of extra that really pushes the book over the edge!

The best thing about all the books that I am going to be reviewing is that they will all be ONLINE to access! That’s right! You can access them through the wonderful Digital Services that the Lethbridge Public Library provides!  I will be making a note to which online site they are available on and sometimes they are on both!

Well I think that is it for the important stuff that I had to tell you. But I am still pretty new at all this, so it is going to be journey for not only you but for me too! If you have any comments, suggestions, or even reading suggestions, please let me know! I am happy to take all of these into consideration!

Anyways, I’ll be away laughing on a fast camel!



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