What question do people always ask?

One of the most common questions that we as librarians get asked is what we are reading. So, for 2019, we have both challenged ourselves to read 100 books in celebration of the Library’s 100th Anniversary.

Over the following months, we will be sharing with you some of the favourite titles we’ve read, so that you have the opportunity to check them out yourself. Over the past couple of months we’ve made our first rounds of recommendations through this book column, and if you’re all caught up on those, here are a few more titles that I have been enjoying so far this year.

99 Percent Mine–Sally Thorne. When Darcy inherits her grandmother’s rundown cottage, the last person she thought she’d see is her childhood crush Tom. You see, Darcy doesn’t usually stick around in one place too long, but she just might this time.

Notes on a Nervous Planet–Matt Haig. This book looks at how the world that we live in is increasingly making us unhappy. From social media, to the constant stream of negative news, Haig writes that our current lives are being set up for failure with expectations that prevent happiness.

The Quintland Sisters–Shelley Wood. Told from the perspective of a midwife training to deliver the world famous Dion Quintuplets, this fictionalized retelling centers on how the lives of five little girls changed forever, and how one women fought to give them a life they deserved.

My Lovely Wife–Samantha Downing. A couple meets, falls in love, gets married, buys a house, and has two kids. But what if that life becomes boring? Well, for the couple in this book that means getting away with murder! It was hard to put this thrilling novel down.

Autopsy of A Boring Wife
–Marie-Renée Lavoie. When her husband leaves her, saying she bores him and makes him unhappy, 48-year-old Diane decides to change her outlook on life and truly find her own happiness, while also restoring her trust in herself and others.

We invite you to visit the Library’s social media pages and suggest what books Jonathan and I should read next, and be sure to vote when we put the novels we are currently reading in head-to-head battles. We look forward to sharing our journey through the Library’s stacks.