What's Caroline Reading Now?

Fall is my favourite time of year: falling leaves, cosy sweaters, and the perfect opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea and read a good book. Lucky for you I have been reading some great titles this summer, and have some new recommendations as I continue to read 100 books in celebration of Lethbridge Public Library’s 100th anniversary.

The Testaments–Margaret Atwood. A surprising sequel to Atwood’s The Handmaids Tale, told 15 years after the original and from the perspective of Aunt Lydia, and two teenage girls–one from Canada and the other from Gilead. In The Testaments Atwood continues to explore how her characters’ lives endure in an oppressive regime, and how they fight for a better future.

Pinch of Nom–Kate Allinson. This is a great new cookbook. The recipes are simple, quick and delicious. I will for sure be making the Diet Coke Chicken again. I know it sounds weird but it was amazing!

The Floating Feldmans–Elyssa Friedland. This novel is all about the laughs. When Annette Feldman decides to take a cruise for her 70th birthday, she invites all her family, but of course as all families are, fights break out, secrets are revealed, and lies come crashing down, all ending in a hilarious result.

The Book Charmer–Karen Hawkins. This was such a delightful book to read. The main character, Sarah, is a great lover of books. To her they live and breathe, and even talk. What Sarah is truly good at though, is placing the right book into the hands of those who need it, and maybe newcomer Grace is one of those people who is in need of one of those books.

The Winemaker’s Wife– Kristin Harmel. A dual-timeline historical fiction novel that focuses on northern France during WWII, and modern-day New York. Told from the perspective of alternating voices of three women, Harmel tells the story of the decisions people make, and how they destroy loved ones, family secrets, regrets, and forgiveness.

We invite you to visit the Library’s social media pages and suggest books that you would like me to read. I look forward to sharing my journey through the Library stacks.