Caroline's Mid-May Picks!

Over the past couple of months we’ve made our first two rounds of recommendations through this column, and if you’re all caught up on those, here are a few more titles that I have been enjoying so far this year.

When We Left Cuba–Chanel Cleeton. Set in 1960s Florida, a young Cuban woman is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate Fidel Castso’s inner circle.

Five New Picks from Jonathan

Our challenge to read 100 books for 100 years is now in full swing. It seems like it was yesterday that I started the challenge, but I am already over a quarter of the way to achieving my goal, having read 25 books. For those following along with the books that I have read, many of the titles are available as part of the Top Reads collection at the Library, and can be borrowed from any of our branches.

These are my latest reads:

What question do people always ask?

One of the most common questions that we as librarians get asked is what we are reading. So, for 2019, we have both challenged ourselves to read 100 books in celebration of the Library’s 100th Anniversary.

Jonathan's Next Picks

This year is going by so fast. Spring has sprung and we are already a quarter of the way through Lethbridge Public Library’s celebration of 100 years of service in our community. Recently, I find myself torn between enjoying the beautiful weather we, or hunkering down to try to keep pace with the challenge I have set for myself this year: to read 100 books. One book for each year of our Library. Although it has been tough, I have not managed to fall too far behind.

Here are the latest books that I have read this year:

Caroline's First Picks

This year the Lethbridge Public Library is celebrating 100 years of serving the great city of Lethbridge. While the library is hosting some truly great events this year, my co-worker Jonathan Jarvie and myself thought, as Adult Services Librarians, that we could offer our own contribution to the celebrations.

Let's Kick Off the Challenge!

So, to kick off our 100 books challenge, here are some of the books I have read so far this year:

Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents–Pete Souza. A series of tweets and pictures by a former White House photographer contrast two markedly different presidencies, the Obama and Trump administrations.

100 Years, 100 Books

The Lethbridge Public Library is celebrating 100 years of serving the people of Lethbridge this year. While the Library is hosting many special events, my coworker, Caroline Moynihan, and I thought, as the Adult Services Librarians, we should add our own contribution to the celebrations. We decided to combine one of the most frequently asked questions we receive as librarians, what would you suggest we read, with the fact that the Library is celebrating 100 years in our community.

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