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Monday, June 20 2022

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6:00 pm
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

 Join us in celebrating Indigenous Peoples Week for an Evening of Stickgame. We will be joined by Kainai elders who will be singing and drumming traditional stickgame songs, you can also join in and sing or drum when it is your turn to hide the bones. There will be teams made and captains chosen for teams where you will experience a game of fun and trickery.
Each team has 5 sticks and there is one kick stick between the two teams. The goal is to win all the sticks. The team that is hiding the bones has the opportunity to win sticks if the opposing team fails to guess correctly. The team that is guessing and guesses correctly wins the bones back along the opportunity to hide the bones trick their opponent and win sticks. You have to experience it to truly enjoy it and learn how to be trickster in fooling your opponents. 
We will enjoy also enjoy some fry bread and berry soup. All ages and everyone is welcome to attend. 

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