What is the Bookmobile?

The bookmobile is effectively a fully operational Library on wheels that helps to ensure fair and equal access to those all over the city. It allows those with mobility concerns, small children and elderly seniors as well as just plain busy people to have full and equal access to the Library services that they need and enjoy.

What need does the Bookmobile fill?

Ideally, people would like to use a Library that is close to home. The Bookmobile is by far the most effective way to make this a reality for as many people as possible.

Why is the current Bookmobile no longer able to do the Job?

The current Bookmobile has served well beyond it’s life expectancy and, after 26 years of service, it has passed the point of being economical to repair.


Although built with the best knowledge and technology of the 1980s, it is plagued with operational problems including accessibility issues and lingering concerns about its mechanics and winter readiness.

What will the new Bookmobile look like?

Currently the Library is asking for proposals from various Bookmobile builders. Since each builder will offer its own unique designs, we are not quite sure what it will look like. What we do know is that the new Bookmobile will ideally have the following amenities and improvements:


Interchangeable Book Collections


The Bookmobile stops in all kinds of unique places, from schools to senior citizen complexes, and we think that being able to change the collection from one stop to the next is a great idea. This kind of customization does not occur with the current Bookmobile.


Wheelchair Access


The Bookmobile is about bringing Library services to those who might not be able to get to one of our Branches. We think it makes sense to ensure our new Bookmobile is easily accessible to all patrons.


Public Computer Lounge


Access to the internet is imperative these days and having a computer café that comes to you is just what we have in mind. The new Bookmobile will be equipped with a computer lounge and Wi-Fi access to help you get the information you need when you need it.


Mobile Public Printing


Now you will be able to save money on buying ink for your printer and get what you need printed on the new Bookmobile.


Hot Beverage Machine


Regardless of the weather conditions, inside the new Bookmobile we will always have a warm cup for you to sip on while you browse.


Pull out seating area


The new Bookmobile will have an area designed specifically to sit and enjoy the surroundings.


To give you some idea of what the new Bookmobile may look like, we have included some examples from other Libraries across North America.

How much does the replacement vehicle cost?

Total replacement cost for a new Bookmobile is estimated to be $550,000 and that includes the vehicle, all required technology, equipment, and new lending materials needed for its proper function.


The cost of the Bookmobile comes from the specialty nature of the vehicle itself and the specialty services it must perform. It is effectively it’s own Library and is capable of serving a small town independently.

Why do you need my help?

In addition to the money we have saved to buy a new Bookmobile we have also been working with both the provincial and municipal governments to secure funding to replace our current 26-year-old mobile Library.


To date we have secured the following monies for the project:

  • $100,000 Lethbridge Public Library
  • $161,833 City of Lethbridge Community Capital Project Grant
  • $100,000 CFEP (Community Facility Enhancement Program) Grant

This means that the Library is still in need of $164,000 and is asking for public support in order to help cover this portion of the cost in replacing Lethbridge’s beloved Bookmobile. Will you join us and help Re-New the Bookmobile?