Lethbridge Public Library's Spelling Bee

Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Branch: Main Branch
Venue: Main Branch: Theatre Gallery

Lethbridge Public Library is proud to announce our first Spelling Bee for grades 4 - 7!

The CanSpell National Spelling Bee has been cancelled but LPL wants to make sure that Lethbridge spellers stay in spectacular spelling shape!

The Spelling Bee is open to all grade 4 - 7 students in Lethbridge and the surrounding Chinook Arch area. Spellers must pre-register at http://bit.ly/Xnr1tl. Registration is limited.

They will be sent a Speller's Guide and more details about the bee via email confirmation.

The winner will receive a trophy and a variety of prizes.

Please note: There is no national Canadian spelling bee this year so the winner will not advance. But they will have the satisfaction of being the best speller in Lethbridge of 2013.

All students will compete against each other regardless of grade.

The Spelling Bee will begin with words in the Speller's Guide but progress beyond the guide in later rounds.