Call 403-388-2544 (Lethbridge Local Calling Area) Toll Free: 1-866-941-4177 />
Telephone messaging is available in the Chinook Arch Region! Telephone messaging offers a new and convenient way to renew items, cancel holds, and get a listing of the items you have checked out. It can also notify you of overdue items and holds that are ready to be picked up.

Following is a list of frequently asked question about the system:

How does the system work?
There are two components to the telephone messaging system: inbound and outbound. You call the inbound line to renew items, cancel holds, and get a listing of the items you have checked out. The outbound component automatically calls you, using a pre-recorded message to alert you to an overdue item or a hold that is ready for pickup.

Who will receive phone calls?
Anyone not already receiving email notification will receive calls from the telephone system. You can opt out of the system if you do not wish to be called. Check with your library for assistance.

When will the system call me?
The system will call between the hours of 10:00am and 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and 10:00am – 5:00pm on Saturday. There are no outbound calls on Sundays or holidays. You can call the inbound line at any time.

When I receive a call about an overdue notice, will I have to hang up and call the inbound line to renew my item(s)?
No. The system will offer to automatically transfer your call to the inbound system to renew your items. You will need to enter your library barcode and PIN in order to renew your items.

Will I receive a ‘courtesy notice’ call to let me know that an item is about to become overdue?
No. The system does not support courtesy calls at this time, though it is planned for a future release. People wishing to receive courtesy notices should sign up for email notification.

How does the system know who I am?
If you're using the inbound system, you must enter a valid barcode and PIN in order to renew items, etc.

What if an item is on hold for another patron? Will the system renew the item over the phone?
No. As on the website, if an item cannot be renewed for any reason (holds, too many renewals, etc.), the system will say that the item could not be renewed.

What about my privacy? How will the system protect privacy?
Outbound calls to patrons will not provide any specific information about overdue items or held items. It simply says that ‘an item is being held for you’ at the library. Outbound calls specify the name of the person in question, and offer to wait while the person answering the phone goes to fetch the intended recipient. You will have to enter a valid barcode and PIN to get a list of items checked out on that card.

How many times will the system attempt to contact me?
The system will make 5 attempts at contacting a patron. You will not receive more than three calls per day.

Can I opt out of the system, if I don't wish to be called?
Yes. If you do not wish to receive calls from the automated system, you can opt out. Please contact your local library to do so.