TAL Online


The Lethbridge Public Library has teamed up with the Alberta Library System to offer its members a powerful search tool - TAL Online! TAL Online makes it easier for people to search for items not found within their own library region. This search tool contains over 16 million books, CDs, DVDs, full-text articles owned or licensed by Alberta's libraries. The best part is that these items will be delivered directly to Lethbridge Public Library (Main Branch or Crossings Branch) for pick up.


Please visit the TAL Online website to request an item.


If you require assistance with your search, you can view PDF instructions here
If you require further assistance, please call the Information Desk at 403-320-4102 during business hours.


Important Information:

  • In order to complete your TAL request, you will need to have a current Lethbridge Public Library membership and be set up with a PIN on your library account.
  • Each lending library will determine if they want to lend out their items as well as they’ll determine the loan period for each of their items.
  • Items can take several weeks to arrive depending on its availability and where it’s being shipped from.
  • Please be aware of the publication date when requesting an item. Libraries typically will not loan out items if they have only been published within the last year.
  • Items cannot be requested from outside of the province except for books which may be acquired from libraries within North America. Alberta libraries may also have restrictions on what they will loan out (ex. DVDs, CDs) which can limit the availability of items. E-books are unavailable for loan through TAL Online.
  • We are only able to accommodate six interlibrary loans per library card holder at one time.