2020 & Me - Teen Writing Contest

2020 & Me - Teen Writing Contest

2020 has been a Very. Strange. Year.

Create a piece of writing that explores or explains your pandemic experiences this past 12 months, and enter it in our writing contest! Entries can be fictional stories, memoirs of real life, pieces of poetry, or long-form comics.

  • Contest is open to those in grades 7-12 with an LPL or Chinook Arch library membership.
  • Entry should be 1-4 pages long.  
  • Deadline for entries is January 5, 2021. 
  • Send your entries to paige.mcgeorge@lethlib.ca in PDF form.

The top three entries will receive a $50 gift card, a bag full of books, and will have their work published on the library's website!

Some ideas to think about as you're writing:

  • What has changed for you/your characters over the year?
  • What's the biggest impact that 2020 has had on your life?
  • What has made you laugh/cry/rage this year?
  • What makes your story different from others?
  • What feelings does your work inspire in your reader?