Author Talk - Dr. Karen Lee

Author Talk - Dr. Karen Lee

Date: September 21, 2020 at 7:00pm.
Venue: Online via Zoom

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to stick to your resolutions to lose weight, become more active and eat more healthily?  This issue is important for many of us in our lives year in and year out. But it is more important than ever in this age of a Coronavirus pandemic.  Studies are showing that key risk factors for severe COVID-19 infection include obesity and underlying chronic diseases.  It is essential that we become healthier and fitter now.

Dr Karen Lee’s new book, Fit Cities, discusses how all those failures of weight loss, gym memberships gone to waste, and failed attempts to keep up healthy eating may not be our own faults alone.  The neighbourhoods and  buildings we live and work in, our children’s schools and daycares, the streets around us, all play a key role in whether our efforts will be made easier and more successful - or not.  Learn to recognize what’s going right and what’s wrong in the neighborhoods and buildings you live your day to day life in.  And learn what you can do now to help your neighbourhood, your workplace, your children’s schools and daycares, become part of a fitter city and community.  It is time for Lethbridge to join this movement occurring around the world so that you and your family can become healthier too.

Join us for a virtual Fit Cities Book Reading with Dr Karen Lee. The first 20 people to sign up will receive a free copy of the book, compliments of Healthy Lethbridge. 

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