Curbside Pick Up

Curbside Pick Up

Curbside Pick Up at Lethbridge Public Library
A How-To

PLEASE NOTE, as of July 2 this service will change. Information on how this will work starting July 2 can be found here

How to request an item?
To search for items that are currently available to borrow at Lethbridge Public Library:

  • Visit Lethbridge Public Library’s website at or go to the BiblioCommons search page here
  • Type your search query into the search bar and hit “enter”.
  • Once you have located an item in the catalogue place the item on hold.
  • Enter in you account information. At this time, only 10 requests per card holder can be made.
  • Wait for a confirmation email or phone call to come to the library to pick up your items.

***Please note: we will respond to all pick-up requests in the order that they are received. An item that appears as being "In" in the catalogue may not be available if another patron earlier in the queue has already requested it.  

If you need a library card, please complete our online Library Membership Registration Form.

If you do not wish to put individual items on hold, we are also offering a “Surprise Me” selection of items, the form for this service can be found on our main page on the website

Toys and Physical Literacy Kits will be made available at a later date.

Please note: as the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve, we may need to cancel these services without notice.

The Public Services Library Branch has temporarily suspended the interlibrary loan system; therefore, it is not possible to place holds or bring items in from other libraries at this time.  Curbside pickup will only be available for items that are currently in our collection.

Curbside Pick Up Instructions

  • Main and Crossings Branches: 12 - 4 pm. Monday-Saturday.
  • (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) Bookmobile: 12:45 - 4 pm. Tuesday (Nicholas Sheran Pool), Wednesday (Lakeview Park), Thursday (Park Meadows Mall).
  • After you have received your confirmation email or phone call you will be able to come to the library to pick up your items. You have 10 days to pick up your items once you have been notified.
  • When you arrive please park in the reserved parking spots:
  1. Main Branch: on the north end of the parking lot and call 403-380-7346
  2. Crossings Branch: in the north parking lot and call 403-320-4037
  3. (Temporarily Closed) Bookmobile: by the sign near the Bookmobile and call 403-330-4775
  • Please give staff your last name and library card number.
  • Staff will then check out your items on to your card. We ask that you please stay in your car at this time.
  • Staff will then place your items in a bag and place them on a table just outside the nearest doors (rear doors of the Bookmobile).
  • We ask that you retrieve the items and return to your vehicle.

Item Returns
If you have items to be returned to the:

  • Main Branch: drop in the book return located at the children’s department entrance
  • Crossings Branch: drop in the return slot located at the south entrance (Britannia Blvd. W.)
  • (Temporarily Closed) Bookmobile: drop in the book drop located on the exterior of the Bookmobile.

ALL ITEMS WILL BE PLACED IN QUARANTINE FOR 3 DAYS AND THEN CHECKED IN. You will not be assessed overdue fines at this time. The items will be checked in after the three-day quarantine period.

The COVID-19 virus can survive up to 3 days on Library materials. As books cannot be effectively cleaned and disinfected, it may be wise to store books for a minimum of 24 hours before handling them. Patrons who are immune compromised or otherwise susceptible to COVID-19 infection should not take out items from the library. Patrons should wash hands before and after handling books and other items, avoid touching their faces while reading and avoid sneezing or coughing onto the page while reading.