Fall Science Challenge Weekly Badge

Fall Science Challenge Weekly Badge

It’s time for our Fall Science Challenge! Try out some cool science. Earn some fun badges. Can you complete all of the badge challenges?

(If you’re interested in doing the Fall Science Challenge and haven’t registered, please do so here: http://ow.ly/Wgu030rcBaG)

Badge Challenge 3: Wind Badge

Since we live in Lethbridge, it only makes sense to have a challenge about the wind. From Chinook winds, to breezes, to tornados, the wind can show up in vastly different forms. These different types of winds are caused by variations in temperature and atmospheric pressures.

To earn your Wind Badge, you need to create a working weather vane. What’s a weather vane? It’s an instrument that shows the direction of the wind. Once you’re done, take it outside on a breezy day and see how well it works.

Bonus activity: you don’t need to do this to earn your badge, but if you want to do a bit more, try taking out your weather vane on different windy days. Does our wind in Lethbridge usually come from a certain direction?

If you need a bit of help with your weather vane check out this page for an example, and for other weather activities: http://www.teachingmaddeness.com/2015/12/when-weather-outside-is-crazy.html

Want to learn more about wind? Try out this resource: https://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-wind.htm

Once you’ve done the badge challenge, don’t forget to come to the Main, Crossings, or Bookmobile Library and tell staff at the circulation desk about it in order to claim your badge (we can also bring your badge out to your car for curbside pick-up). We would also love to see pictures of your completed challenges. Feel free to share them on Facebook, at LPL Kids.

To find our past badge challenges, click on the links below. You can keep doing any of these badge challenges as long as you claim your badges by November 26th.
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